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With a Lifetime Mortgage you could release a maximum amount of:

This is an indicative figure only and the actual amount you could borrow will depend on your individual circumstances. The minimum amount you could borrow is £10,000. The maximum release amount assumes you have no secured borrowing against the property. If you have secured borrowing against the property then this must be repaid in full using the amount released (if available), by other means or a combination of the two.

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There are so many areas of life where having some extra cash could really help you and your family.

  • Boosting your income in retirement
  • Helping your children financially
  • Carrying out home improvements
  • Clearing interest-only mortgages
  • Grandchildren’s university fees
  • Booking that once-in-a-lifetime holiday or just enjoying life

If you’re aged between 55 and 85 the answer to your needs could be locked up in your home.

Equity Release allows you to unlock the equity in your home in a safe, regulated way without having to sell or move.

Giraffe works with leading market providers to offer independent advice on Lifetime Mortgages and Home Reversion Plans. You can either take a tax-free lump sum or drawdown cash as and when you need the money.

You get the money you need, you still own the home (if you opt for a Lifetime Mortgage) and you continue to benefit from its increasing value.

Before you begin this process we recommend that you speak to your family.

If you want to explore Equity Release further, then we believe your family should be involved.

There are so many areas of life where having some extra cash could really help you and your family.

We have access to the whole market and leading providers.
Offering the best solution for you and your family.

What Happens Next?

  1. Use our calculator to see how much you could potentially release from your home.
  2. Call Giraffe Equity Release on 0800 622 6414.
  3. Visit one of our offices or we can come to you for a FREE initial consultation.
  4. Have an interview (face-to-face or on the phone) with one of our qualified advisors.
  1. We will source the right product for you from across the whole market.
  2. We start the application process and a valuation of your property is instructed by the chosen provider.
  3. Application is approved by the provider and your solicitor.
  4. The funds are released for you to use.