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Exeter is a historic city located in the county of Devon, England. The housing stock in Exeter is quite diverse, ranging from historic buildings in the city centre to modern developments on the outskirts.

Here are some key characteristics of Exeter’s housing stock and the potential challenges faced when releasing equity from properties there.

Housing Stock in Exeter

Historic Properties

Exeter boasts a rich history, and as such, it has a significant number of historic properties, including Georgian and Victorian-era houses. These properties contribute to the city’s unique charm and character.

  • Some equity release products might be challenging to apply to historic properties due to preservation regulations, property condition, or other unique factors.
  • We have experience of arranging equity release for historic properties, including for Grade II listed buildings.

New Developments

The outskirts of Exeter have witnessed substantial growth in new housing developments. These modern properties often come with contemporary designs and amenities, catering to the demand for new housing.

  • Valuing newly developed properties tends to be more straightforward, with readily available recent surveys that can streamline the application process.
  • Equity release lenders tend to have an appetite to loan against new build developments.

Rental Market & Student Accommodation

The city’s housing market includes a strong rental sector, accommodating both students and professionals who prefer renting over owning.

Due to the presence of the University of Exeter, there is a considerable market for student accommodation. This includes purpose-built student housing as well as conversions of existing properties into flats or houses for students.

  • In the current market equity release against ‘but-to-let’ accommodation is unfortunately not supported.

Variety of Property Types

Exeter offers a range of property types, including detached and semi-detached houses, apartments, terraced houses, and cottages, catering to different preferences and lifestyles.

We have experience is securing loans against a wide variety of property types in and around Exeter. For example:

  • Securing equity release against historical properties including cottages with stone or cob walls, and thatched roofs, is possible.
  • Self-build, new build, houses such as eco houses (with non-standard construction) can also be loaned against subject to surveyor’s comments and valuation.
  • Residential properties bordering on commercial premises: in city centres many flats and apartments are adjacent to commercial sites such as shops and offices. We have access to lenders that will consider applications on such properties.

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Keith SharpeKeith Sharpe
18:59 10 Feb 23
Paul was exceptionally helpful.Talked us through every aspect of the process. Everything went very smoothly. Keep up the good work.
Deb OwenDeb Owen
13:37 09 Feb 23
Paul was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable, we would certainly recommend Giraffe
Lowen FPLowen FP
08:34 15 Sep 22
Have referred Stephen at Giraffe plenty of our equity release clients due to his expert knowledge in this area of finance, with not one being disappointed with the advice they've received. Would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat.
Sandra YorkSandra York
15:39 17 Apr 22
I can highly recommend Giraffe Equity release. Paul Sprake dealt with my case and was highly knowledgeable and professional. He was a pleasure to deal with, he kept me up to date during the whole process which meant I had no stress whatsoever.
Stephen ClampStephen Clamp
10:03 16 Mar 22
I have dealt with Paul over a number of years and recently in respect of Equity Release. I have always found him reliable and conscientious and explains things in a clear and understandable manner. I would thoroughly recommend him !

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