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Plymouth is a city located on the south coast of Devon, England. It has a rich maritime history and is known for its stunning waterfront, historical sites, and vibrant cultural scene.

Given Plymouth’s maritime history, the city features a mix of historic and modern housing. From historic harborside properties to new waterfront developments, the housing stock reflects the city’s connection to the sea.

Here are some key characteristics of Plymouth’s housing stock and the potential issues that can be encountered when releasing equity from properties in the area.

Housing Stock in Plymouth

Victorian and Edwardian Properties

Like many older cities in the UK, Plymouth has a variety of Victorian and Edwardian properties. These can include spacious houses and terraced homes that appeal to a range of residents.

  • Some equity release products might be challenging to apply to historic properties due to preservation regulations, the condition of the property, or other distinctive factors.
  • We have experience of arranging equity release for historic properties, including for Grade II listed buildings.

New Waterfront Developments

The waterfront areas have undergone significant redevelopment in recent years. This has led to the construction of modern apartments, penthouses, and townhouses with panoramic views of the sea.

  • It’s often easiest to value new development property, and recent surveys are more readily available – which can help in the application process.
  • Equity release lenders tend to have an appetite to loan against new build developments.

Suburban Housing

Beyond the city centre, Plymouth offers suburban communities with detached and semi-detached houses. These areas often cater to families and those seeking a quieter lifestyle.

  • In suburban developments features such as flat-roofs can sometimes throw up issues for lenders. We have access to lenders that will provide equity against such properties subject to surveyor’s comments and valuation

Student Accommodation

Home to the University of Plymouth, the city has a demand for student housing, including purpose-built student accommodations and rented properties.

  • In the current market equity release against ‘but-to-let’ accommodation is unfortunately not supported.

Variety of Property Types

Plymouth’s housing options encompass a variety of property types, ranging from apartments and terraced houses to larger family homes and more unique properties near the waterfront.

We have experience is securing loans against a wide variety of property types in and around Plymouth. For example:

  • Obtaining equity release on historic properties, including cottages featuring stone or cob walls and thatched roofs, is a viable option.
  • Loans against self-built homes, new constructions, and houses with non-standard construction, such as eco-friendly houses, are also possible, subject to the assessment and valuation provided by a surveyor.
  • For residential properties situated adjacent to commercial premises, especially in city centers where flats and apartments often share proximity with shops and offices, we have access to lenders who will evaluate applications for such properties.

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