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Truro is a city located in Cornwall, England. It serves as the administrative centre of Cornwall and is known for its historic architecture, including the impressive Truro Cathedral.

Here, you can discover important aspects of the housing market in Truro, along with the possible difficulties one may encounter when considering equity release from properties within the city and its surrounding countryside.

Housing Stock in Truro

Historic Properties

Truro features a range of historic properties, including Georgian and Victorian houses. The city’s historic character is reflected in its architecture, with charming period buildings often found in the city centre.

  • Some equity release products might be challenging to apply to historic properties due to preservation regulations, property condition, or other unique factors.
  • We have experience of arranging equity release for historic properties, including for Grade II listed buildings.

New Developments

Like many urban areas, Truro has experienced new housing developments on its outskirts. These developments may include modern apartments, townhouses, and other contemporary housing options.

  • Valuing newly developed properties tends to be more straightforward, with readily available recent surveys that can streamline the application process.
  • Equity release lenders tend to have an appetite to loan against new build developments.

Rural Surroundings

Cornwall’s unique landscape means that some properties in and around Truro might be in more rural or semi-rural settings.

  • Agricultural Buildings & Farm Houses: certain lenders with consider applications from converted agricultural buildings, such as barn conversions, as well as older farm houses.

Cottage-style Housing

Cornwall’s architectural style often includes cottage-like buildings with stone or cob walls, thatched roofs, and other traditional features. Houses in many of the villages around Truro may include such properties.

  • Mundic Concrete: releasing equity from older concrete mundic properties in Cornwall is possible depending upon a survey establishing the grade of mundic involved in construction.
  • Securing equity release against historical properties including cottages with stone or cob walls, and even thatched roofs, is possible.

Diverse Property Types

Truro’s housing options encompass a variety of property types, from detached and semi-detached houses to flats, apartments, and cottages.

  • Residential properties bordering on commercial premises: in city centres many flats and apartments are adjacent to commercial sites such as shops and offices. We have access to lenders that will consider applications on such properties.
  • Self-build, new build, houses such as eco houses (with non-standard construction) can also be loaned against subject to surveyor’s comments and valuation.

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alan bennettalan bennett
10:23 23 Jan 23
Stephen from Giraffe was a saint in getting me through the process of equity release He was very knowledgeable and made me feel he was getting me the best deal instead of just being interested in the commission He didn’t have an easy time since starting the process my health failed dramatically In short I would highly recommend Stephen and Giraffe to anyone who is involved with Equity release
Jean CampJean Camp
17:28 20 Dec 22
I will be happy to state that Giraffe Equity Release, and my broker Stephen Bailey, went above and beyond the extra mile. I already had equity release in place and was advised that, by paying it off and switching lenders, we could have a lower interest rate. This sounded daunting but we were supported at every step and though ultimately the decisions were ours, we had all the information needed to make the right decisions.If you have grown up children get some joy into your life. You'll still have something left to leave and have some comfort in your life.
Mary MewhaMary Mewha
11:24 05 Apr 22
Our experience with Stephen Bailey from Giraffe Equity Release was all positive. Stephen was professional, knowledgeable, informative and considerate. Most importantly, he made a potentially complicated process straight forward, was consistently helpful, and ensured we obtained the amount we needed at a competitive rate. Thank you Stephen - don't think we would have got there without your help!!!!!
12:07 09 Nov 21
I looked at several companies before choosing Giraffe. Stephen's professionalism and pro-active approach to considering our needs as individuals made him stand out from a very early stage in the process. Giraffe was the stand-out company and the obvious choice to go with. Having now completed the process I can't recommend him highly enough. We always had a choice of providers to look at and their offers were explained in detail so we always felt we understood the details - which is critically important when taking on a lifetime mortgage. I have no problem in recommending Giraffe to anyone who wants to understand the process in detail and get the best offer available.

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