January Case Study

Mr. and Mrs. Evans


Mr. and Mrs. Evans released £52,560 to settle an interest-only mortgage.


Nearing the end of the term for their current interest-only mortgage and concerned about repaying the capital sum, Mr. and Mrs. Evans approached Giraffe Equity Release to discuss the various options available to them. They saw a Lifetime Mortgage as their best solution, not only to pay off the outstanding mortgage but also to fund some long-planned home improvements.

With no proof of affordability required and no obligation to make monthly payments, Mr. and Mrs. Evans were able to have peace of mind in retirement with their mortgage settled and the right to remain in the property for life or until they move into long-term care.

With the drawdown feature, Mr. and Mrs. Evans were able to keep £10,000 in reserve for their planned home improvements. This provided them with the flexibility to complete the home improvements at their convenience, without accruing interest on this amount until the funds were released.

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